• Kaly Bihari, Co-Founder

    When I was diagnosed with IBS about 12 years ago, there was hardly any information about a low-FODMAP diet. The symptoms greatly reduced my quality of life and put a strain on my professional and personal life. Since I discovered the low FODMAP diet therapy, I feel much better.

    Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to stick to this diet all the time, as there are hardly any suitable ready-made products. Even a simple pasta sauce contains onions and/or garlic. I would like irritable bowel syndrome sufferers to be able to put together a meal just as easily and quickly as others.

    As a mother, balanced meals with lots of vegetables and vegetable protein are important to me. Organic, regional and animal-free are values that have been close to my heart since my youth. Of course, it also has to taste delicious and contain all the nutrients that adults and children need.

    With Froyda, we strive to put all these values into practice.

  • Pranav Bihari, Co-Founder

    As a child I had the good fortune of being spoilt daily by my mother with a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes. When I left my native India at the age of 18, I felt a great longing for home food. With the help of my mother, I learnt the tricks of Indian cooking.

    Over the years, the health and environmental aspects of food became more and more important to me, which led me to write a doctoral thesis on sustainable eating.

    More recently, I witnessed the remarkably positive change a low-FODMAP diet had on my wife's wellbeing. Interestingly, I grew up in a household with a cooking tradition that is similar in some ways to the low-FODMAP diet. For example, onions and garlic are not used there. In Indian Ayurvedic cooking, a variety of other spices are used to give the dishes a rich flavour.

    This knowledge and experience flows into my product development at Froyda.

  • What do we need to be happy? We need friendship and connection to other people; a community that cares about us. Health is also an important aspect that we often only give importance to when we are not well.

    At Froyda, we are committed to helping you live healthy and happy lives.

    We are very aware that as humans we do not exist independently in this world, but are part of a greater whole. The health of our planet and its animal and plant life is just as important for the well-being of all of us.

    Living and working sustainably and caring for our environment are values that drive our business. We only use organic and plant-based ingredients in our products, run our business on regionally sourced renewable energy, pack our products in recyclable packaging, and are always looking for more ways to leave a positive impact on all the stakeholders of our business.